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Beloved spiritual devotees and lovers of Astrology,

Nadi Astrology — Science of Thumbprints Nadi Astrology uses your thumb impression to discover your Nadi Leaf and predict your destiny from the readings written as a divine song. Benefits of Nadi Astrology A great value of the Nadi is that it gives you an understanding of the link from your prior birth to your current life. It is a rare blessing. The Force is with you! What is Nadi and how can it benefit you? Transform Your Life with Nadi Remedies.

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Unravel the Mysteries in Your Life with Nadi. Authenticity Assured AstroVed works with only those readers of the highest integrity and skill from years of rigorous training. Authentic Nadi Readers are a select few who have learned the art from being passed down from generation to generation in the same clan. The Palm leaves are a set of highly organized manuscripts divided into sixteen chapters or Kandams.

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Summary of kandams Nadi Chapters 1 to Sivaguru Swamy. Skype — sivaguruswamy Naagai Dist, Tamilnadu— Our Bangalore Branch Office :. House No. Post a Comment. People around you have a larger gravitational pull on you than any of the planets. Astrology lacks plausibility. It does not pass ANY scientific test. People believe in it entirely due to cognitive biases. Astrology succeeds as a business entirely because people are gullible. It is important to have double-blinded tests to evaluate it. A double-blind test of astrology.

It is easy for an astrologer to convince a gullible customer and the world is full of them. They never succeed when tested in a proper double-blinded setting. They never succeed in matching natal charts to subjects. A scientific inquiry into the validity of astrology. I went to a nadi reader 10 year back, got a recorded cassette and forgot it.

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I was 32 then and 42 now. I was leading a happy married life then.

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A month back, I found that cassatte when I was cleaning my room. I was shocked at the accuracy of the reading. Let me give you my thoughts here. Judging or comprehending these statements are up to your individual minds. We human beings Homo sapiens have an amazing tool called BRAIN to perform almost everything that it perceives to be true to itself.

It is highly sophisticated to be understood completely. However, let me tell you certain things which I understood and think to be true.

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Once believed, if similar ideas are encountered, all of them combine or coexist in the mind. However, if the mind encounters a contrasting idea or opinion, then such dissimilar ideas resist one another and become forces in conflict. Then one idea is forced to become favored over another. The favored idea stays in consciousness. The unfavored idea is pushed out of consciousness. But it will remain in the unconsciousness. So, the point here is, believers will continue to believe and rationalists will continue to disbelieve.

Until unless something drastically happens such that a very strong idea or thought owing to any such experience occurs that contrasts with the existing idea but still overpowering those existing ideas and convinces mind of the unlikeliness or illogical nature or unfavorable nature of the existing ideas. Then such ideas will be thrown to unconscious and replaced with the new succeeding ideas.

Such is the nature of human brain. Now, let me tell my view point to this topic being discussed in this blog. Also, everything is bound by time and material, which is the nature of everything. So the time of study also plays a vital role in any experiment. However, if such a thing is proven wrong, then it means, that particular law does not hold true anymore and must be detested to be irrelevant to our times.

If something cannot be proven logically, then why believe in it and lead an irresponsible life? I think, the problem is we fail to accept nature as nature itself. Rather, trying to find a logical answer to our questions of creation or anything that our human race is yet to discover, we just put a full stop to all the questions in the name of God and arrest the curiosity in us.

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This very nature in us that always tries to find shortcuts, tries to conjures up such fake things such as Astrology, etc and puts forth them as answers to make us believe in something and inevitable, once mind believes, our thoughts and actions combine to prove them right. And for people who believe, they come back from such places thinking and firmly believing that their problem will be resolved.

And by the very nature of human brain, if we firmly believe something, then our thoughts and action come together to fulfill it unconsciously. And we inevitably find solutions to our problems and finally attribute it to the so called God or god men, who actually did nothing but just exploited you. And in fact, its you yourself who solved your problems but so modestly give it up to Him. Else it will become too boring. And your past is something which you already know. So whats the fun in hearing it from some unknown stranger. Live everyday in the present with a positive, life enriching purpose rather than dying early knowing your future or re-experiencing your past pains by hearing your so-called past painful stories yet again.

Is there any thing really written or is it scrabbling without any meaning? Whether it is written by many Naadi Maharishis or by scoundrels like Naadi readers needs investigation. I am not sure will it appear as jpg image here as a sample how the names appear in Nadi palm leaf.