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Capricorn Willful, Serious, Rigid, Demanding. Aquarius Intelligent, Humanitarian, Unconventional, Noncommittal.

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Sagittarius traits

From the moment she learns to talk your daughter will find her uncensored thoughts leaping out of her mouth. This startles many people including mom and dad who are left stammering and apologizing to Aunt Sadie for her brash behavior. Do not be too upset with your girl for this behavior. In listening to your daughter and watching her actions always remember that a Sagittarius girl sees things just as they are and responds accordingly. On the up-side she has a great outlook, feeling that no matter how bad things are eventually life gets better.

Your daughter has strong family ties, but also a fierce desire for freedom. She will run off on a whim without telling you where to find her. That means asking her repeatedly to just take one second to keep you in the loop. Ordering an archer around does little good, but a well-formed request usually lands on open ears. She feels things very deeply but often contends with those feelings alone.

Again this is part of the independent nature of the Archer. She will retreat and consider how things went so terribly wrong.

Going a Little Deeper

Unlike the very tempered Taurus, Sagittarian girls love to spend money. As soon as she gets her allowance be ready for that shopping trip complete with a wish list. This is especially true during her teen years.

Rising Signs: Sagittarius

About the only thing that may bring about savings is the chance for travel. This gal has wanderlust written all over her personality. Hang on tight folks, your Sagittarian boy is a born adventurer. He will take any and every opportunity to turn the most routine of outings into an exploration. Your son will always have big dreams, but he also has the energy to bring some of those dreams into reality later in life.

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He needs his independence and you need to cut apron strings as soon as practicable. Holding back that nature leads to a very sullen Archer.

When given age-appropriate freedoms, however, the funny and giving child you adore returns. Such intense questioning may lead him to exploring various religions or philosophies as a young adult. He always carries himself with an air of authority and he truly can be an excellent leader with his keen sense of justice and bright mind. This impression lasts typically until he blurts out something with unbridled honesty. Like all Archers he has a very sharp tongue and it cuts deeply at the worst possible moments.

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Parents do well to teach their Sagittarians from a young age to pause, think, count to three THEN talk. Once in a while that actually works, and if your boy sees positive results he has the ability to become more tactful without losing that brilliant truthfulness on which a parent can rely. Second, being forced to adhere to deadlines affects his psyche the same as if he were shackled and put into prison.

These put a chink in his independence. Number Vibration Numerology: 3. Sagittarius Element: Fire. Chakra: Solar Plexus Manipura. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rat. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rat.

This sounds so very much like my almost three year old Sag boy. Any advice for a Gemini mama? So, just use your magical communication skills to appeal to his intelligent side.

Your baby’s star signs revealed… Sagittarius

He will appreciate it and communicate in kind. Ohhhh, a Sagittarius child and a Taurus mom. LOL Horns are definitely going to lock on this one! Taurus people hate change and Sagittarius people crave change so you two will definitely challenge each other. Well, Bull momma, just try to honor the lust for life your baby Sagi has. They burn and yearn inside to experience all good times life has to offer and responsibility is NOT their middle name. The Virgo and Sagittarius relationship will have its share of challenges.

Your Sagittarius boy will want to go, go, GO and may not be the most responsible child there ever was. LOL Virgos think they are responsible to serve the whole world and are so pragmatic that your little one is likely to wreck your last nerve — at least on occasion.