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Communication and travel are another important issue this year.

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The following eclipses will teach you how to introduce your ideas or skills in the best possible way. The January 5th eclipse requires you to sign up for a new position or even travel to meet with the client.

Now, focus on plans about your home and family. Are you planning to move to a larger house? February 4 is the perfect day to find the space you need.

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In fact, the beginning of February will be filled with such decisions. Be careful with the contracts. An opportunity to buy or rent a home will be given on February 14th. Love is a matter that you prefer most or not? From 6 December to 31 December , you have been living a vibrant era with regard to romance. You are going through a very emotional episode that you still keep in your heart.

If you are alone and have met someone, now that the holidays are over is the ideal time.

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    Scorpio horoscope may 2018 susan miller

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