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The twelve zodiacal signs are divided into four sectors matching the four elements : Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

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An element includes three compatible signs triplicity , each element being mutually complementary. Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, is a Fire sign: these signs catch fire very quickly. They are enthusiastic, forthright, spontaneous, naive, and primary.

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This element provides the native with energy, ardour, and passion, but it may incline to violence, aggressiveness, lack of tact, and anger. It symbolises immoderate ambition, courage, the will to fight, dominate and conquer, but it also favours spiritual elevation, extreme lucidity, and it purifies the soul. Signs are also divided into three sectors comprising four signs each.

Personality and characteristics

They are the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable sectors. Quadruplicities are also referred to as mode: the Cardinal mode, the Fixed mode, and the Mutable mode.

Like elements, they rule different values and have characteristics of their own. Sagittarius, like Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo, is a Mutable sign. These signs are volatile, changing, quick, and they lack depth. Nevertheless, they adjust well to all situations. They are complex, with a dual nature that is mistaken for instability. They are very flexible and tolerant. Sagittarius is enthusiastic in all his activities and can practice many at the same time. He craves discoveries and new adventures.

Lastly, polarities divide the Zodiac into two groups of six signs. These characteristics alternate from one sign to the next in zodiacal order. Active signs indicate extroverted, expansive, and fairly physical people who express themselves easily and are quite energetic and enthusiastic. Passive signs are more introverted, internalised, intellectual, deep, and calm. Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Sagittarius, you might take on the following characteristics:.

Physically speaking, Sagittarius people are very strong, tall or very tall in most cases, with full and open features, often smiling lips, and thick hair. They radiate energy and charm. They become stout as they age because over-indulgence of all sorts is the cause of their weight gain when they reach their thirties. Their musculature is not particularly athletic. Sagittarius' general appearance gives an impression of charisma, liveliness, and energy.

Their look is jovial, and their attire is casual but always in line with their generous nature and the context. Indeed, Sagittarius can adjust marvellously well.

If your sign is Sagittarius, and often of those who have the Ascendant in Sagittarius, your health is very strong. During the first part of your life, your level of energy is very high. You are somehow invulnerable, and you take full advantage of it. Your ruling planet Jupiter is synonymous with excess. In the long run, you may undergo drawbacks, which are the consequence of your intense lifestyle, in the areas of physical expenditure, sexuality, or food.

The danger of becoming overweight is looming despite your activities which fortunately use up a big part of your intake.

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Since Sagittarius rules the liver and the thighs, potential dangers come from an excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks or a diet too rich in fat, or It is strongly recommended that you tackle this issue in order not to suffer from high blood pressure or more severe disorders affecting the liver. It may also be that you experience some problems of sciatica or torn ligament in the thighs. If your sign is Sagittarius, you are hyperactive, always on the move and drawn to physical exercise. You are gifted for both individual and collective sports, and your activities are countless.

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In the latter, your communication skills and your charisma work wonders. You are mobile and quick, and therefore, all disciplines having these characteristics are suitable. There are very few sports which you do not enjoy because you have a strong need to exert yourself even though your constitution is not as strong as that of Aries and Leo, your Zodiac Fire fellows.

The Chinese astrology system identifies five elements : fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element is linked to motivating forces in your life.

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  6. Because the animals are on year cycles and there are five elements, the entire Chinese zodiac-element cycle lasts 60 years. In this system, each sign has a fire, earth, metal, water, and wood variety depending on your birth year. In the Western system , only four elements are identified: fire, earth, air, and water, and each element is associated with three signs with psychological features. Each sign has one element associated with it. A feature of the Chinese zodiac that is incomparable to anything in the West is that it is bad luck when your year comes around every 12 years you "offend the god of age".

    Your horoscope is no more unlucky or lucky than usual in your Western zodiac month. Pigs beware in a Pig year. Read more here about how to make sure you're lucky in your zodiac year. We've got plenty of tour options, whether you already know what you want to see , or are only just starting to research your first trip to China. We have even compiled a list of the four best cities to visit for Chinese New Year , if you want to experience the biggest of the Chinese celebrations. If you are interested in fortune telling, make sure you tell us ahead of time , and we can arrange for a Chinese fortune telling at one of China's many temples.

    AU: UK: All: The Chinese zodiac. Even after this time the blessings won't stop -- they'll just shift focus from the personal to the financial. You honestly can't go wrong this year. With Jupiter in your sign you'll have an even stronger pep to your step and overall sense of optimism and confidence. You can anticipate meeting new and important people this year who genuinely have your best interests at heart, whether in business or personal matters. In terms of your love life, having Jupiter move through your sign is one of the luckiest indicators of expansion and blessing in romance.

    If you're single, there's an excellent chance that you'll meet someone new and fall madly in love. This is especially true through March 6 while Uranus finishes up a tour in your romance sector. Love can arrive in the most unexpected and exciting way, so be open!