January 28 chinese horoscope

This is a fairly good year for you. Taking time to rest and recharge and focus on family will help bring out the best in you and the year ahead. The Ox, like the Dog, is reliable, loyal and hardworking. They are also honest, quiet perfectionist, willful and cautious. Maintaining patience and having faith in your abilities will serve you well in Be flexible and try to see strengths in others that are different from yours. Tigers are charming, magnetic, powerful, dynamic, daring, unpredictable, adventurous and independent. They, like the Horse, also have a special affinity with the Dog, making this a favorable year.

Showing forgiveness and offering second chances, beginning with yourself, is a theme this year. The Rabbit is gentle, caring, creative and playful yet reserved. The Rabbit and the Dog have compatible vibrations, so should be a good year for those born in the years of the Rabbit. This may be a time of taking action for you. Dragons are decisive, determined and charismatic.

In Chinese astrology Dragon and Dog are opposites, which could make this a tricky year. Practicing patience, compassion and self-care will help you rise to create opportunities from any challenges that may arise this year. The Snake is wise, watchful and tenacious. Completing projects that have already been started is a theme this year as is expressing love. The sign of the Horse can be described as driven, lively, independent, honest and exuberant. Like the Tiger, this year is likely to be a favorable one for the Horse considering its affinity with the Dog.

Focusing on home and family in will serve you well as will taking time to recharge. People born in the year of the Sheep are stable, idealistic, forgiving, nurturing, sensitive and kind. Balance is key in Setting priorities and standing up for yourself will help you make the most of this year, as will focusing on projects started in Monkeys are clever, inquisitive, fun-loving and adaptable. Sometimes easily distracted, Monkeys can help themselves make the most of this year by practicing patience and perseverance and paying careful attention to details.

Roosters are typically reliable, honest, passionate, precise, efficient and hardworking.

Relationships with others in work and personal life come to the forefront in In line with the way of the Dog, thinking of other people more could be in your best interest. The Dog is considered to be loyal, fair, empathetic, protective, affectionate and resourceful. Trust yourself. Self-doubt can be your biggest obstacle. However, they have a tendency to be hot-tempered and overly critical. They are usually suitable for sales work or work as a writer, critic, or publicist.

Rats will get well along with Dragons and Monkeys, however should avoid Horses. Year of the Ox - , , , , , , , , , , , Ox is a symbol of powerful individuals with unyielding and stubborn personalities. Those born under the sign are natural born leaders who typically succeed when given the chance and will also make outstanding parents. They are upright, inspiring, easy-going and conservative.

The Ox would be successful as a skilled surgeon, general, or hairdresser. Ox gets along with Snakes and Roosters but not sheep. Often risking themselves, they have a carefree life. Tigers usually will be outstanding as a boss, explorer, racecar driver, or matador.


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A happy marriage can take place with a Horse or a Dog but never a Monkey. Year of the Rabbit - , , , , , , , , , , , Those born under this sign are affectionate, talented, obliging, always pleasant, valuing security and tranquility. They have a tendency to get too sentimental and superficial and to avoid conflict and emotional involvement. Being cautious and conservative, they usually take no risk and are successful in business.


They would also make a good lawyer, diplomat, or actor. Their best life partners are Sheep or Pigs instead of Roosters. They usually look stubborn on the outside, but softhearted inside. They are born to be an artist, priest, politician, or leader. A dragon will be compatible with a Snake or Rooster.

However, a sheep will not be a good choice. Women born under Snake are often beautiful. Snakes will be strongly guided by their intuition. They certainly will win a lot of money, but have to avoid procrastination and stingy attitude towards money.


The Snake would be most content as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, or fortune teller. Marriage with a Rooster or Ox not a Pig will be best. Year of the Horse - , , , ,, , , , , , , They are hardworking, intelligent and friendly, cheerful and popular, but impatient. Usually they consider themselves superior to others. That's why through 15 personality related characteristics opted for and studied in a subjective way we try to detail the profile of an individual born on this day, alongside proposing a lucky features chart that aims to interpret the influences of horoscope in life.

Horoscope personality descriptors chart. Horoscope lucky features chart.

January 28 health astrology. Lymphagitis which is the inflammation of the lymphatic channels due to a previous infection. Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative type of arthritis that slowly progresses. Depression as defined as the presence of severe feelings of despondency, melancholy and despair. Anxiety disorder which is a mental disorder characterized by the existence of recurring fears and worries. January 28 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations. Zodiac animal details. The Yang Metal is the related element for the Tiger symbol.

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The lucky numbers for this zodiac animal are 1, 3 and 4, while numbers to avoid are 6, 7 and 8. This Chinese sign has grey, blue, orange and white as lucky colors while brown, black , golden and silver are considered avoidable colors. Chinese zodiac general characteristics.

There are a few general features that define this symbol, which can be seen below: energetic person stable person rather prefers taking action than watching artistic skills These are a few love characteristics that may be representative for this sign: capable of intense feelings passional ecstatic charming When trying to understand the social and interpersonal relationship skills of an individual ruled by this sign you have to remember that: poor skills in corrdinating a social group proves a lot of trustworthy in friendships do not communicate well prefers to dominate in a friendship or social group If we are trying to find explanations relating to this zodiac influences on the evolution of one's career, we can state that: always available to improve own abillities and skills often perceived as unpredictable has leader like qualities always seeking new opportunities.